Slides & Pictures


Here you find the slides and additional material provided by the speakers.

Baracca – The path of science towards increasing formalization and abstraction, and the roots of the “revolution” in physics of the early Twentieth century
Baracca – 1905, Annus Mirabilis – The Roots of the 20th Century Revolution in Physics and the Take-off of the Quantum Theory
Baracca – The overcoming of the mechanistic world view in Planck’s research around 1900

Bertlmann – A nonlocal quantum engineer
Bertlmann – Bell’s Universe
Bertlmann – John Bell and the Nature of the Quantum World
Bertlmann – Magic Moments with John Bell

Brukner – The Rashomon Effect

Damböck – Science and Democracy
Further reading in Carnap, 1934, Theoretische Fragen Praktische Entscheidungen
and 1937, Logic in Factors Determining Human Behavior.


Fochler – Why don’t we shut up and contemplate more?
Fochler – Unsustainable Growth, Hyper-Competition, and Worth in Life Science Research




All pictures were taken and processed by the team of the Austrian Central Library for Physics and Chemistry Library.